My Cliché Spring

I was oh-so-lucky to have yesterday off.  The weather was gorgeous--highs in the low 80s--and the cherry blossoms were at their peak for the National Cherry Blossom Festival.  This is my fifth Spring in D.C. (which actually strikes me as completely AMAZING), and I've only ever checked out the cherry blossom trees once before, so yesterday was the perfect opportunity to enjoy the weather and avoid the heightened crowd of the weekend by taking a stroll around the Tidal Basin. 

To make the experience as cliche as I could, I tried to snap some vaguely artistic shots of the sights.  Despite the fact that you could probably find any given one of these shots by doing a simple Google Image search (in fact, Michael informed me that a nearly identical shot of one of my photos can be found on DCist), I assure you that I took them myself.

Seriously though, I LOVE SPRING!

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