Trendy Bride

At least one source tells me that a wedding trend in 2010 is mismatched bridesmaids dresses.  I guess that means that I'm a trendy bride, because this is precisely the route I'm going.

When approaching the question of bridemaid attire, there were several things that I considered.

1--Bridesmaids dresses that are explicitly bridesmaids dresses tend to be really expensive.  I mean, even the cheapest ones are usually at least $100+, and I personally don't normally drop a hundred plus bucks on dresses (I didn't even spend $100 on my wedding dress!).  And those that are on the more affordable side to also be on the awful side...whether it be the fabric, the style, or the fit. 

2--My bridemaids come in all shapes, sizes, and personal styles.  I honestly cannot imagine what kind of dress I could choose that would fit each of them either literally or figuratively.

3--My wedding will be fairly casual.

4--There's just something that creeps me out a little about a group of adult women all wearing the same outfit.

These considerations led me to one conclusion--mismatched dresses.

So, I've told my bridesmaids to buy a knee length blue dress.  Seriously, that's all I told them.  This means that I don't care what color blue, what style, what material, what jewelry, what shoes, what hair style.  I'm actually extremely excited to see what each of my awesome bridesmaids will choose. 

Here's a taste of the inspiration that has reassured me that I've made the right decision: 

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