2010 Holiday Ornament Swap

Because I figured I didn't have enough on my plate this holiday season, I decided to sign up for Freshly Blended's 2010 Holiday Ornament Swap.  I'm always seeing people do these swaps on blogs all over the internets, and this one seemed non-threatening enough, so I thought, "What the heck!  I'll spread the holiday crafting cheer!"

I whipped up 9 little hand-embroidered, hand-sewn, hand-stuffed stocking ornaments while I was home for Thanksgiving.  I even worked on them in the car on the way home...
2010 Holiday Ornament Swap (2)

Don't be mad at me, but I really don't like traditional holiday colors.  That's a lie.  I don't like traditional Christmas colors.  I actually really, really love blue and silver, but anyway, my point here is that I avoided traditional Christmas colors and went with bright, cheerful non-holiday-specific colors.  And nothing says joy like mini pom-pom trim!
2010 Holiday Ornament Swap (5)
2010 Holiday Ornament Swap (4)
2010 Holiday Ornament Swap (6)
2010 Holiday Ornament Swap (3)

My favorite part of this project may have been the wrapping.  I've always loved wrapping, but never invest that much in it because I don't really come from a family that appreciates that sort of thing.  In fact, growing up, we'd joke that my mom "rolled" presents.  Eventually, I just started wrapping my own (I was that kind of kid.).  Yeah, yeah, that sounds sad, but I liked it better that way.  Once I knew the dirty truth about Santa, my mom would just put my gifts in plain white boxes, tape them up, and have me wrap them.  But I digress...

Anyway, there seems to be this new appreciation all over the blogosphere, Etsy, and whatnot for packaging, and I'm all about it.  I live like 5 blocks from a Container Store (for which Michael holds a special disdain because, as he explains, it symbolizes just how badly consumerism has taken hold of America that we need a specialized store for people to buy a bunch of stuff to store all the other stuff they buy), so it's a little dangerous.  $11.99 for a roll of wrapping paper?!  Yeah, I paid it, but I like to think I offset that expense slightly by using super cheap felt pom-poms and embroidery thread that I already had on hand in place of a bow.
2010 Holiday Ornament Swap (8)
2010 Holiday Ornament Swap (11)
2010 Holiday Ornament Swap (1)
2010 Holiday Ornament Swap (10)

I mailed these suckers out yesterday, and now, I sit anxiously awaiting the 9 little gems that I will receive in return.


  1. I recognize the trim on those little guys! Love them. I wish I would've known about the swap, please remind me also. And for the record, I am 27 and my brother is 22, and Santa still comes every Christmas Eve, and we awake to presents galore.

  2. cute! I cant wait to see what you get- be sure to share! and how is the etsy store going??

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I will be sure to post about the ornaments I receive. I'm pretty excited to see what I get.

    As for the burgeoning business, I've sold 5 so far, and I am working on a custom order of 11 for a bride-to-be. So about as much work as I have time for. Pretty exciting!

  5. Those are adorable!! Can't wait to see what you get either!

  6. I found your blog while browsing thru flickr and I love it! You stockings are wonderful and I really like how you wrapped everything up!
    I LOLEd when you said you wrapped your own gifts, I have an aunt who used to pay me 5 bucks when I was a kid to wrap all her presents because I LOVED doing it so much =)

  7. Mandy, those stockings are ADORBS. Holy cow. Keep us posted on what you receive!

  8. adorable! I'm going to have to whip some up for next year!


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