Photobook Recommendation + Gratuitous Wedding Shots

I recently ordered a wedding photobook, and I cannot go on enough about how AMAZING it is (okay, so I could probably easily go on more than enough).  Anyway, prior to the wedding, Groupon had an offer for Photobook America.  Knowing what lay in my future, I dropped a penny or two to pick up three Groupons to make photobooks for myself, my parents, and Michael's parents.  Even with the Groupon, these books were not cheap (~$180 w/o the Groupon) (although, potentially cheaper than the books you can order through your photographer), but I would be more than willing to shout from the rooftop that it was well worth it!

I went with the 12" x 14" Imagewrap Hardcover Book.  Like with most online photobook generators, there are page templates for your use, but you have complete power over how your photos are arranged.  The quality of the final product was absolutely amazing.  The colors are so vivid and the pictures so sharp.  The pages are thick.  So, for any brides or brides-to-be or new parents...or whoever...out there, I would highly recommend this service. 

Wedding Photobook
Wedding Photobook
Wedding Photobook
Wedding Photobook

BTW--I am in no way affiliated with Photobook America.  They have no idea who I am, and they are certainly not compensating me in anyway.  I am simply genuinely impressed by the quality of the product I received.

While we're on the subject of wedding photos, I realized that I haven't actually shared any gratuitous wedding photos (other than the detail shots in my wedding craft inventory post).  I had figured that 99.9% of my readers were either at the wedding or friends with me on Facebook, so sharing them here would be overkill.  Recently, however, I've gotten some comments from strangers (YAY!), so now I shall force those strangers to look at my wedding photos. Double yay!

I discussed my dress-buying adventures here. Well, here's shots of each dress in action:

Dress #1
_FUN8869 copy
...AND it had pockets, which I didn't discover until about 2 days before the wedding!
_FUN9580 copy

Dress #2
_FUN9718 copy

I'm not so sure I pulled off that whole old Hollywood glamour thing that I had mused about going for, but maybe you could see how I might have striven for that with thoughts of dress #2, birdcage veils, and cocktail jewelry in my head?

_FUN9718 copy
_FUN9272 copy
_FUN9268 copy

Moving on...
_FUN8959 copy
_FUN8937 copy
_FUN8980 copy
The mismatched bridesmaids dresses totally worked out...
_FUN9074 copy
_FUN9373 copy
_FUN9420 copy
_FUN9668 copy
_FUN9636 copy
_FUN9737 copy

All Photography by Betsy Limbaugh Photography

[SIGH] Best day ever...



  1. I still LOVE to look at your pics again and again. Great day. Great pics. Yaaay!

  2. The books look gorgeous! Making photo books is on my to do list this week (for an xmas present for Lawson's folks)... will have to check out that site. And thanks for sharing more pix - beautiful!

  3. Heeey my boy and I got married September 4th! And my dress had pockets too! That was its selling point for me tho :)

    Your pics are gorgeous, congrats!


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