Unabridged Wedding Craft Inventory

After minimal consideration, I decided to compile an inventory of all the things that I made (in part or in whole) for the wedding.  Some of these, I've already talked about. Some, I may talk more about in future posts, and others, I may never speak of again. So, without further ado...

Centerpieces / Yarn Pom-Poms / Holly Branches
Somehow, I don't think one decent picture of the centerpieces got taken, which saddens me beyond belief, because I really loved my centerpieces.  :( 
You can sort of see them here:
Wedding Centerpieces

_FUN9602 copyIMG_5423
_FUN9604 copy
_FUN9493 copy

Sparkler Labels
_FUN8762 copy

Family Photo Display
I painted some of the frames, labeled the pictures, and whipped up the little letters to match the font on all my wedding stationary.  These pics also feature the fabric garland quite nicely.
_FUN8747 copy
_FUN8750 copy

Mandy/Michael Photo Display
_FUN9224 copy
_FUN9225 copy
_FUN9575 copy

Guest Poster
This little guy I made in word in much the same way as the save the dates, invitations, and programs.  Then I got it printed off as a poster using Zazzle.com.  Now, it has a home on our wall at home.

Fabric Garland
Lurking in the background there...
_FUN9392 copy

Paper Flowers

_FUN9510 copyCake Topper

Aisle Streamers
These must not have made much of an impact, because I don't think you can see them in one picture of the ceremony.  Squint and maybe you can see them?
_FUN9416 copy

Photo Email Cards
_FUN9508 copy

Bow Ties / Necktie
Love, love, love these!
_FUN9121 copy_FUN9049 copy

Bridesmaids' Fascinators
_FUN9129 copy

Bridesmaids' Clutch Purses
Summer 004

Groomsmen's Cocktail Kits

Floral Arrangements
I made the boutonni√®res, but everything got so hectic on the day of the wedding that I ran out of time for the bouquets.  Thankfully, my bridesmaid Rebecca's awesomely creative sister Charlotte stepped in and made the most adorable bouquets.
_FUN9457 copy
_FUN9466 copyIMG_5552

Veil and Hair Comb
The hair comb was just a ridiculously cheap brooch from Forever 21 with a hair comb strategically attached.
_FUN9272 copy
_FUN9251 copy

Dress Alterations
I took my ceremony dress up in the bodice and hemmed it.  I also took the straps up in my reception dress.  Additionally, I added a "modesty panel" to my mom's dress (left) and hemmed Michael's mom's dress (right).  NBD.
_FUN9175 copy

_FUN8825 copy

Napkin Wraps
No pic of this one either.  They were just scraps of fabric tied around napkins / cutlery.  A decent use of scraps, I thought.


  1. Wow! That's a lot of crafts!! It all looks great, its fun to see it all pulled together :)

  2. Those "missing" pictures could very well be on my assistant's memory card. I haven't been able to get ahold of her yet, but once I do, I will send any missing photos your way.

  3. this post is tangible proof that you are like a wedding superwoman.


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