Apartment Therapy Contest

Does anyone read Apartment Therapy?  Right now, they're having a "Room for Color" contest, and I entered our living room because it's colorful and, well, why not?  Anyway, they posted it, so if you do read it, you should vote for us.



  1. i love apartment therapy and your room. just voted for you. is there a prize if you win?

  2. 1. I think its funny that you are in the "South" division... bc DC and Dallas are very close.

    2. I looked at the competition in your group and yours is really one of the best ones!

    3. Stop distracting me from work : )

  3. Your room is amazing and you are pretty amazing yourself!

  4. Your friend Rebecca clued me into your blog. I enjoy it often and admire your creativity. What a beautiful wedding you and Michael had and very special because it reflected your talents!


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