Another Baby Quilt

This afternoon, we went to a co-ed baby shower for some friends of ours here in DC who are pregnant.  Actually, before I get to the quilt, funny story.  On our wedding night, we hadn't done a terribly good job of planning how we'd actually get to our hotel once we left the wedding.  Actually, Michael's parents had offered to take us, but by around 11pm, it was clear that that wouldn't be happening (i.e. champagne).  My parents could drive us because they don't drink, but it was at their house so it didn't make sense for them to leave.  Thankfully, our nice (and pregnant) friends Winn and Emily offered us a ride.  On the way to Nashville, we got pulled over for speeding.  When the officer asked if Emily had been drinking, she replied with a respectful, "I don't know if you can see, but I'm really pregnant." To which Winn leaned across and asserted, "Oh, that was me!  We were at a wedding!" To which Michael leaned forward to assert, "Bride and groom in the back seat!"  All I'm saying is that if you're going to get pulled over, you can't really ask for a better situation than to be pregnant with a freshly married bride and groom in the back seat.

Anyway, pregnancy is always a good excuse for me to make a baby quilt, so that's just what I did.  I used a pattern from my Quilts, Baby book and fabrics from Jay McCarroll's Garden Friends and Woodland Wonderland collections.  For the embroidery, I mimicked some of the designs from the fabric. 

Summer 036
Summer 037
Summer 047
Summer 051
Summer 053
Summer 058

I actually think I did kind of a terrible job on the quilting part, which is such a shame.  I think I got overly-confident and rushed through.  I also think I chose a batting too plush for what I'm capable of working with.  Regardless, it's said and done, and here's the final product:

In addition to the quilt, I thought I'd give burp clothes a try.  So, using some extra fabric from the quilt, some towels we were looking to recycle, and this tutorial, that's just what I did.


Gratuitous shots of Pete helping with these projects:

Summer 044
Summer 064


  1. Hello there!

    I am a new follower. I just came across your blog. I love your baby gifts and you have such a cute kitty. I look forward to reading your blog. :)


  2. love the embroidery... what cute bugs! what kind of batting do you usually use? i am addicted to the organic bamboo batting... it is a bit pricey so i buy up a bunch when joann's has it on 40% sale or i use one of their fun 40% coupons they like to send me (:
    the burp cloths look great! i love making those for gifts b/c they are so practical and quick to sew up.


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