"We Love Nashville" Gallery Wall

If you've been able to check out our living room over on Apartment Therapy, you may have noticed that one of the walls looks a little more crowded than it used to.  We came back from the wedding with a little extra art for our walls.  In lieu of a guestbook, I designed a poster to mimic a wedding certificate so that everyone could sign it, and we would have something to hang up and enjoy everyday.  I got the inspiration for the idea from various blogs, I'm sure, and Etsy products like this, this, and this.  Naturally, I thought, "I can make that," so I turned to trusty 'ole Microsoft Word to whip something up reminiscent of my other wedding stationary.  In order to get a nice big poster, I just uploaded it to zazzle.com, and I ordered a couple of posters for $10.  Everyone signed it at the wedding, and now it has a home on our living room wall.


Since our walls were already at full capacity, this meant that some other beloved piece of artwork was displaced to make room for the poster.  In an effort to find a new home for the displaced art, I decided for a gallery wall, which I've wanted for quite some time. 

Here's what I began with:

Here's some of the inspiration I used:
Source: Decor8

Here's my technique (thanks, Martha):

And here's my final product, which I absolutely LOVE.  Although not intentional, the wall is an ode to Nashville as it features our Hatch Show Prints and our collection of Spirit of Nashville postcards. We're okay with this, because, we love Nashville.



  1. Now I want a gallery wall. Maybe a project for this weekend! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I'm new to your blog and backtracking through your posts. I died with love over the kitty painting. Please give us a tutorial on this!


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