Wedding Keepsake Quilt - Part II (aka Total Quilt Redemption)

Finishing up the wedding keepsake quilt was a little slow-going, which, apparently, is something that my quilts can really benefit from!  After what felt like a quilting fail with my last baby quilt, I decided to be more thoughtful with this one.  In fact, I feel like I actually applied a lot of lessons learned from my previous quilting escapades.  First of all, I applied the lesson of "less can be more" by opting for white fabric to go with my wedding scraps rather than a color or (heaven forbid) another pattern.  Second, I recognized the limitations of my (and my machine's) quilting abilities, and I chose a lower loft batting (the thinnest I could find).  Third, I tried to be very careful with my quilting stitching so that my fabric didn't pucker or pull.

I used scraps to make my binding, and since I put such great pains into rounding the corners of all of my wedding stationary, I gave my quilt rounded corners, too.

It is, hands down, the best quilt I've ever made.  The corners match up and everything!  (I'm a little ashamed by how wrinkled it is in these pictures, but I like to wash my quilts when they're done.)



  1. That looks great!! I can't even imagine how you managed the quilting. Amazing!

  2. I love it!! It turned out beautifully. This is really making me want to buy some AMH fabric now..

  3. Mandy- this is so beautiful! I love it. My mother quilts and I really wish I had inherited her sewing skills- you've inspired me to try sometime very soon to learn!

  4. Thanks, guys! You should try it. I personally don't think it's a skill, per se...unless you consider patience and attention to detail a skill (which is plausible).

  5. This is fabulous! Good grief you finished that fast. I am currently working on my first quilt ever for Jude. I just hope I finish before he's in high school!

  6. I love the binding, even though their scraps it looks totally planned. Koodos for doing something I just don't have the patience for!
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  7. Your quilt is stunning! What a lovely way to keep all those beautiful fabrics a part of your everyday life!


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