Groomsmen Gifts: Custom Cocktail Kits

Michael and I got a little crafty with the groomsmen gifts by making custom cocktail kits.  For the life of me, I can't seem to track down where I originally found the idea (which was on a blog, naturally), but we ended up doing two different cocktails.  One used citrus and vanilla-infused bourbon; while the other utilized bacon-infused whiskey.  The corresponding cocktail for the citrus-vanilla-infused bourbon was a Manhattan Bianco.  For the bacon-infused whiskey, we went with both an Old Fashioned and a Manhattan.

We used this tutorial for infusing the bourbon and this one for infusing the whiskey.

Summer 006Summer 007
Summer 008Summer 010

Once everything had infused, we funnelled all the necessary ingredients for each drink into bottles I ordered from the Sunburst Bottle Company.  We labeled them with custom tags and topped it off with fresh fruit and the relevant recipes.   So that the groomsmen would have a little something that they could keep even after the cocktails had been imbibed, we threw in monogrammed rocks glasses that I ordered from Gunther Gifts.


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