Jamie's Living Room: Before & After

If you'll recall, about a month back I was working with my friend Jamie to help her with her new apartment.  Jamie recently moved into a new place in Nashville and was looking for something slightly outside her comfort zone...something colorful and fresh and fun.  Project #1 was to update a set of slightly-dated-but-with-potential couches that she found on Craigslist.  She knows me so well, because she was kind enough to provide me with some sweet before and after shots.

Here are a couple of before shots:

Jamie wanted to update these bad boys, along with adding some fun, fresh colors.  I worked with Jamie to pick out fabrics for pillow covers for the existing couch cushions and some new throw pillows.  She gave me some fairly broad parameters, and I narrowed it down to three fun, colorful choices:

In the end, it was a unanimous decision (i.e. Jamie and I agreed): Option 3!  So I whipped up eleven (yes, eleven!) pillow covers at breakneck speed and shipped them off to Nashville in anticipation of some glorious after shots.  

After a very smart rug purchase (available from West Elm), a little consultation on drape colors, and a ridiculous score on some lamps at Home Goods, here is the glorious after:

She's still working on adding some touches here and there, but I think it looks so bright and fun!  I can't wait to see it in person.


  1. I loved option three!
    That rug looks like an awesome find.
    The room looks lovely!

  2. Your pillow and the rug really make a big impact!

  3. It looks great!!! Love it! I am loving the rug, and the pillows make the couches look so much better. I cant wait to see it in person either : )

  4. Wow, it looks awesome! And also, that is a lot of pillow covers... good work!

  5. Love it! You gals did a great job!

  6. Such a pretty update! kudos to you guys for arranging this long-distance!


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