New Kitchen Art + Free Meat-Lovers' Printable

It should come as no surprise that I am no vegetarian.  Of the two recipes I've shared here, one uses two delicious kinds of meat, and the other includes superfluous bacon (...although, is bacon ever superfluous?).

In honor of my love of meat, I took to Inkscape this weekend to create some new, colorful art for our kitchen.  I like the idea of framed fabric, which was what I had been rockin' in my kitchen for years.  Earlier this year, I tried to update it with some new, scrap fabric that I had on hand.  I wasn't really thrilled with what I ended up with.  You can kind of see it lurking there by The Dude in this shot.

See, not exactly impactful.  Anyway, I Googled around a bit for some meat cut charts, created a little something in Inkscape, applied some pretty colors and a fun font, and ended up with these:

I printed them off on some photo paper and threw them in some frames with mats, and I am really loving what I ended up with!

Sure, it's a bold choice, but what can I say...I love a kitchy kitchen.  If you like them too, I'm sharing the love.  I mean, seriously, why let good meat art go to waste?!   Download them and print them for free here:

Click to Download and Print Meat-Lovers' Kitchen Art:



  1. Oh, I really like those! Particularly the pig's tail -- I love how dark and bold the line of it is.

  2. Hee! These are cute. I love the font you chose.

  3. Ahahahaha... I LOVE this! It's perfect. I'm pretty sure my Michael is going to want me to print these out.

  4. I'm loving your forays into the design world, M. Keep it up!!! :D

    PS - I have to mention that this weekend an amazing thing occurred, when I met a guy who knows--is friends with, in fact--the guy who played Ricky in Sleepaway Camp. Best thing that happened to me all week.

  5. Hey Mandy! I just noticed that you were a new follower at Hase Haus, so I came over to check out your blog. Wow! Love it. What can I say?! 1.) The meat posters are...awesome. 2.) The pillows and purses in your Etsy shop are so beautiful 3.) Your blog is the bomb! Let's be sure to stay in touch. (P.S. I'm a fellow Arlingtonian whose husband works in health care/goverment relations...small world.)

  6. Hi there! Just saw that you were my newest follower (THANKS!) and wanted to check you out! I love everything! Your home is beautiful and I checked out your shop too...amazing. I'm coveting the black and gray pleated clutch. Beautiful!

  7. HI Mandy!! Your blog is delightful! I am so happy to have come across it. Love the kitchen art, my hubs and I are huge meet eaters. New Follower!!

    Best, Tamra


  8. Super cute! Feel free to stop on by, I featured your blog as one of my faves! http://thriftyandfabuless.blogspot.com/2011/04/sharing-love.html


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