Life with a Cat

I know it may be hard to believe and I'm willing to bet that this is not a universal truth, but I sometimes find that my home decor choices are limited by the fact that we have a cat.  Don't get me wrong.  I love my cat Pete (although, sometimes I question his devotion to me).  Maybe it's because we live in such a small place and/or because he's on a perpetual diet (yes, he's obese; it's sad), but Pete can be a real terror.  Eating paper.  Nibbling plants. Swatting anything in sight to its lowest possible point in the room.  Generally shedding.

Don't let his lethargic demeanor fool you...
My Kitchen

It is for these reasons that I often see the details in inspiring photos that would only work in a Pete-free home.

Fresh Flowers 
For example, I love fresh flowers, but rarely do I display them.  For whatever reason, Pete shows no interest in some flowers (like mums), but tulips, well, they don't stand a chance.  So, beautiful rooms like these with gorgeous displays of tulips are, unfortunately, not in the cards for me.

Another example is gorgeous royal blue velvet (i.e. a Pete hair magnet).  I have a single royal blue velvet lamp shade, but I'm pretty sure that's about the most I'll ever own.  Never will I ever have a beautiful blue velvet sofa like these...

Delicate Side Tables
I can't tell you how many delicate little side tables that I covet.  However, when Pete gets really hungry, he starts erratically darting around the condo.  I can just imagine all 16 pounds of him perched stoically on a cute little side table when he gets a rumble in his more-than-adequate stomach.  Off the table he would dart, leaving only a crash and some cartoon dust clouds in his wake.  

Tchotchkes and Paper
Aesthetically-pleasing tchotchkes--as cute as they are--and beautifully arranged coffee table books are also no match for Pete. The tchotchkes would be immediately swatted to the floor, and the lovely glossy pages of those books would be nibbled to smithereens in Pete's never-ending attempt to be the center of attention. 

...and finally, this one just makes me laugh.  It's got it all: Velvet. Delicate glass bottles. Hanging prisms sure to reflect insanity-inducing specters on the walls.  Furry pillows that will either be mistaken for an enemy or his mother's teat (either way, it's going nowhere desirable).

The practicality of life isn't exactly sexy, but we can't all live in a shelter magazine.  



  1. I know exactly how you feel. My cat, Milo, is a terror when it comes to house plants. Love your blog. You're handywork is inspiring.

  2. I had to laugh. We have two cats, and a slobbery 110 lbs Saint Bernard with a wicked batting average with her tail. All in 1000 s.f. home. I have to pick colors that don't look bad when wet (did I mention the slobber?), don't show fur too much, and anything that's not 4' or higher off the ground is ripe for getting flung off it's perch by that tail!

    For what it's worth, I think your home looks beautiful. :)

  3. I can't have slick linoleum floors or a coffee table because of the giant dog (he's afraid of linoleum and has a wicked tail), and any thing wood, paper, carpet, fabric, or that has an electrical cord is a big no for the damn bunnies. Your place is gorgeous.

  4. Ha! It's true when you have a toddler in the house as well, except for maybe the velvet! Someone should write an article about beautiful pet/baby proof rooms. I'm thinking beautiful high shelves for those little glass bottles!

  5. this is so true! we've got a blind dog so we try to avoid sharp corners and breakable things on low/wobbly tables. one dog is white and one is black/tan, so no color is safe here! i bought two velvet pillows for the living room and i'm totally regretting it. oh well, live and learn.

  6. I'm so with you. My younger cat (I refer to him as trouble cat) once knocked over my Christmas tree, has the "crazies" occasionally, and knocks over everything. He also like to eat yarn, so all of my knitting supplies stay shut in one room. I love your pins!

  7. We've had our cat about two months, and I've already posted about how to replace the furniture he's destroyed. I've also taken to doing some ridiculous stuff, like sleeping with my phone/lip balm under my pillow, rather than on the nightstand (where he likes to knock it on the floor). We're still finding out exactly what we need to change to adapt, so I sympathize. :)


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