A Small Joy

A couple of weeks ago, I came across this picture from Such Pretty Things via Table Tonic:

I mean, seriously, how happy does this picture make you?  It's the kind of thing that's just so simple and inconsequential, but it leaves you with a little warm place in your heart and goofy little smile.  Have I put too much significance on this?  Probably.

Anyway, what a great idea! So, I had to make this happen in my own kitchen.  A trip to Michael's and $5 worth of cupcake liners later, I've got this:

Kitchen Vignette w Cupcake Holders - 3
Kitchen Vignette w Cupcake Holders - 2

Little joys.

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  1. So true, good job making the idea fit your own style too!

  2. This looks so happy! I love it! And the glasses look adorable on your open shelving.


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