Kitchen Lights: Overcoming Indecision

Sometimes, I feel like my kitchen lights are the bane of my decor-conscious existence.  Our small kitchen (think: ~5' x ~14') is well-endowed with two fluorescent light fixtures.  While they provide more than adequate lighting, they cast a very harsh, unappetizing glow.  And do we even need to talk about their aesthetic value?
Check out that glow...
Kitchen - Before

And all the "character" added by that monstrosity clinging to the ceiling...
My Kitchen

For two years, I have been on the hunt for the right replacement fixtures.  The job was admittedly made more challenging by some of the parameters that I set beyond the obvious space limitations.  For one, I want this to be a DIY project, which cuts out adding any new electrical for more than 2 fixtures.  Second, I want something that adds some character.  For me, neither track lighting nor recessed lighting fit that bill. Third, no boob lights (yeah, that's what the internet world calls them, and well, they've got a point, no?). Fourth, the new set-up has to provide adequate lighting...obviously. And finally, I have a budget.  I really wanted to keep each fixture under $175.

In recent weeks (thanks in large part to Pinterest), I was able to finally compile all the contenders.  You can find them all plus some inspirational photos here.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided that the time had come to put on my big girl pants and make a decision about this already!  When this time came, however, I felt paralyzed with indecision.

My heart was really set on a schoolhouse fixture.  I just love the pictures below, the first of which I am convinced is a kitchen somewhere in our condo complex.  The problem is that all schoolhouse fixtures only accommodate one bulb, and I am just not convinced that that would provide enough light for the space (even with the under-cabinet lighting that I've already started installing).

Pinterest via Decorpad

With very little assistance from Michael (who so helpfully concluded, "I'd be okay with all of them."), I pulled the trigger.

Each of these fixture houses two bulbs, which I'm hoping will be adequate.  Although much more geometric and deco, something about them satiates that part of me that really, really wanted the schoolhouse fixtures.  I'm just hoping they don't look totally out of place.  

The fixtures arrived earlier this week, and last night, Michael and I went to Home Depot (very much against Michael's will) to get all the supplies to patch and paint the ceiling, which I'll need once the old fixtures are removed.  So, I'm all ready to tackle this! I've changed a total of 4 light fixtures in my life, but I feel fairly confident that this will not go as smoothly as I would like it so I set out on this adventure cautiously optimistic.  Wish me luck.



  1. Ooh these are really nice! I have one of those hideous fluorescent lights in our kitchen too but i wasn't sure if I could tackle it. I've also changed four fixtures in my life and they have all been in this house!! Maybe you could give some pointers? Good luck!

  2. ah, so *this* is what pinterest is good for. besides, of course, looking at lots of pretty things.

    i've found that changing out light fixtures is either really simple or a huge pain in the butt! hoping for simple!

  3. I love your choice! It is really perfect!

  4. cant wait to see it. also love hearing smell's helpfulness... haha!


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