Shower Details - Fabric Covered Letters

Another project that I made for Sarah and baby Brooks was a set of fabric-covered letters for their nursery.  I worked with Sarah to identify the best fabric choices, and then I set out to do the project.

I ordered the paper mache letters from JoAnn, and followed this tutorial from the Prudent Baby.

I made a few modifications. First, instead of leaving the edge of the strip of fabric covering the letter's edge raw, I pressed one side down for a clean edge.  Second, I wrapped the edge of the edging fabric around to the back and left it exposed since these letters will be on the wall and no one will see the back.  Finally, I hot glued a picture hanger on the back.  Hopefully, this will hold the letters up as they are hollow and super light.

They were a little time-consuming, but in the end, I really liked the final product!

With the scrap fabric that I had leftover, I made a matching garland and a pillow cover -- both of which I failed to photograph, but you'll just have to trust me when I say that they were super adorable ;). 


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  1. This was really helpful, thanks!
    I just finished decorating some paper mache letters for my sister's wedding. They say their names and the date of the wedding and will hang behind the bar.
    If you get a minute, have a look here to see some of them.


    Grace xxx


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