Shower Details - Food Picks

Because I had to transport all of the decorations that I made for my friend Sarah's shower back to Tennessee from DC via plane, I had to keep things small, so I concentrated on the little details.  I made a couple of kinds of food picks--some simple flag picks and some baby pic picks. 

I thought it would be fun if some of the picks featured pictures of Sarah and her husband Adam as babies. Highly personal (...the grandmas-to-be eat it up!) and super easy. I just printed off a couple of sheets of pictures and fun graphics, which I made in Microsoft Word. Newer versions of Word let you crop pictures to shapes (like circles), which makes the task all the easier!

Then, I punched the pics and graphics out with my handy-dandy circle punch (but you could just as easily cut them out if you are sans-punch).

After that, it's as simple as a sandwiching a dollop of hot glue and a toothpick between a graphic and a baby pic.  See, super easy!

Same basic technique for the flag pics, except easier!  I just cut little double flag shapes out of colored cardstock, folded them in half, and assembled with hot glue.  Done and done.

If you like the animal graphics I used for the baby pic picks, you can download them here!

Click the Picture to Download and Print



  1. Oh this is way less intimidating than the family tree! I've got a shower I'm working on, so I might do this cute project. I'm pretty sure I could never come up with something on my own, so I rely on you! :)


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