Summer Projects

I'd like to pretend that I could find the time or wherewithal to post about each of these projects separately, but I think I'd prefer to be honest with myself.   So, I hope you find some inspiration here, because you certainly won't be finding any in-depth tutorials...

Filing Cabinet Spruce-Up
Among my recent projects is a filing cabinet spruce-up.  Michael is in the full swing of working largely from home these days, which means that we have stacks and stacks of legal files in various places throughout our condo.  I finally got him to get his hands on a Craigs List filing cabinet as I had found some inspiration through the interwebs on how to spruce these babies up (check out my dedicated Pinterest board to this very thing here).   I bit the bullet a while ago on a roll of this gorgeous Graham and Brown wallpaper for many an unknown project, so I finally put it to use on this one.  I had originally envisioned covering the drawer fronts and painting the rest a royal blue a la our bar cabinet, but once I had the paper on, I wasn't convinced I needed to take it any further.  I would welcome your thoughts on that, though.  Of all the inspiration that I pinned, I largely followed this tutorial from Picadilly Market.  Thoughts?

File Cabinet (2)File Cabinet (3)
File Cabinet (1)File Cabinet (4)

Class Reunion Decor
My next big project was the decorations for my 10-year high school reunion, which was this past weekend back in Tennessee.  Since we were trying to pull this off on the cheap, I stuck to decorations made from cardstock and tissue paper.  Specifically, tons of paper rosettes and tissue paper garland.  I didn't actually start the rosettes untill I got home, and they quickly begain to take over my parents' entire living room.   They were patient with my mess and even made some helpful suggestions along the way.  Seriously though, if I never make another paper rosette as long as I live, I'll be happy. 
Reunion Decor (14)

For the primary installation, I hot glued rosettes of various sizes to four pieces of foam board.  After all the rosettes were in place, I carved around them with an xacto knife to get rid of the extraneous and  unsightly foam board.  I labeled each appropriately on the back so that it was easy to put them together once I got to the venue.  No pictures of all of this, but I attached them to one another by hot glueing a few cheap balsa wood sheets that I picked up at Michael's.  Finally, I hung the whole thing from the ceiling with some twine and topped it all off with a banner I made by printing out this free font in size 400 or so. 

Reunion Decor (13)Reunion Decor 2

All of this was supplemented by tissue paper fans (that I picked up for a great price here) and some scrappy garland (inspired by this tutorial).
Reunion Decor 1Reunion Decor 3

Circle Quilt
And finally, I made what may be my favorite baby quilt to date for our friends Brad and Sarah.  I tried my hand at a circle quilt using this tutorial, and I love it.  I used Michael Miller's Summer Soiree cheveron fabric in both yellow and black and Michael's Miller's 2-D Zoo fabric.  Check it out!

Vander Wielen Quilt (2)Vander Wielen Quilt (3)Vander Wielen Quilt (4)Vander Wielen Quilt (7)

And I made a cute little minky blanket with some matching, but much smaller scale 2-D Zoo fabric.
Vander Wielen Quilt (9)

While at home in Tennessee, I also got to enjoy some time with my best friend Sarah's new little guy Brooks.  You should fully soak up this pic, because a scene like this is unlikely to be witnessed again for quite some time.  Suffice it to say that this is one life step that I am not remotely ready for, but I did enjoy my brief time with Brooks.

Mandy and Brooks - 07.20.11

That is all for now. 
Mandy P
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  1. i like the filing cabinet just how it is- great job!

    i would love to learn how to quilt - my sister is pregnant and a baby quilt/blanket would be so cute. have you thought about adding them to your etsy shop? ;)

  2. I love the filing cabinets unpainted. They look really good. And the pic of you and Brooks is so sweet.

  3. love your projects! The filing cabinet and paper party decor turned out amazing!

  4. Mandy, everything looks fantastic, but those rosettes---WOW. I am so impressed, friend!

  5. Wow, all of these look awesome Mandy! The reunion decorations kick ass!!

  6. I love the file cabinet, Beautiful


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