Before & After: Ikea Malm Nightstand Makeover

I finally finished a project this weekend that has been on my list for a while now.  We have two Ikea Malm nightstands.  I mean, seriously, talk about blah, so I'd been wanting to do something to these guys for a while now, but I'd had a hard time deciding what exactly to do with them.  A few of the ideas that had my gears turning...

Lord knows I love a good chevron...

Or Greek key moldings...

Or maybe a lace overlay...

Or these amazing new and super easy moldings from O'verlays.

But once I saw this picture, I knew immediately that the search was over.

This beautiful dresser redo from Birdhouse Blog is absolutely gorgeous (as is almost every detail in her new craft room).  I love the simplicity, the contrast, and the beautiful hardware.  She was working with a quality, stainable midcentury modern dresser, but I thought it had the potential to translate to my boring old box o' particle board and laminate.  

Here's a couple of before shots for you.


I gave the drawers a good sanding with some pretty high grit sandpaper.
Wiped them down.
A couple of coats of primer.
With a light sanding between each coat.
And a few coats of high gloss white paint (also with a light sanding between each coat and at the end).

Finally, I installed the hardware (as much as  I love gold - and man, do I love gold - I went with a satin nickel that matches the metal finishes on the other furniture and the lamps), and I really, really love the final product.

DSC02119 DSC02108DSC02113 DSC02099

In the end, it was a pretty simple, fast project that cost me less than $25.  Money and time well spent, I say!

And now I leave you with the all-important side-by-side:



  1. Ooh, it looks great! Did you find them hard to paint? (Malm is veneer, not solid wood, right?)

    So jealous you HAVE nightstands. Someday I'll have one. ;)

  2. they look great!! I love the style you went with!

  3. i have never heard of o'verlays! i need to find an excuse to use some now. and also, i NEED those drawer pulls. so cool.

  4. These turned out beautifully, Mandy! Glad I could inspire, although I was of course previously inspired by another similar redo. I like the other inspiration shots too. I have some of those pinned on Pinterest for future projects!

  5. Bit late but these look great. Thinking I might paint my beech one white for a 'beachy' look so thanks for the inspiration!

  6. EK! I love it! Thanks for the inspirations :)


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