New in the Shop: Rethinking My Aesthetic (or "I Love the 80s")

I wouldn't necessarily say that my Etsy shop has been unsuccessful, but (maybe I shouldn't admit this) I somehow imagined that I would become an overnight sensation with my little pleated clutch purses (in the same way that I used to watch "America's Next Top Model" convinced that I would smile with my eyes and sweep the competition - all 5'2" of me).

Somewhere along the way, I grew tired of these clutches.  Other than the construction, there was no real common thread making them a collection (can you tell that a new season of Project Runway has begun?), and I wasn't even struggling with wanting to keep them for myself (which indicates a problem, right?  I mean, I should want to love the things I create, no?)  Anyway, while I was busy not taking the handmade clutch market by storm, I took some time to rethink my aesthetic and decided that I am lovin' the business out of some 80s colors and color-blocking right now.

While I love the quilting fabrics that grace the facades of my pleated clutch purses, I am loving (if I do say so) these new clutches -- simple, bold, bright, graphic...loud, even.  You should pop over to my shop to check them out.  In the coming weeks, I'll also be working on a whole collection of these that feature neutrals paired with more bold colors, so stay tuned.

CB Group.4

What do you think?  Should you love stuff you try to convince other people to love and buy?



  1. Ohhhh, I do love!!! And I am all over your new blog title graphic...the colors and font are just perfect!

  2. I have to love anything I make more than one of, and the process as well. It just doesn't work for me if I don't. Great new designs. Looking forward to seeing the ones with neutrals as well.

  3. These are some fabulous clutches or should I say, rad. Love them! I agree. If you're going to put your name on something, you've got to love it.

  4. Love the clutch makeover! I think the navy/burg one is just perfect for fall... although the one I buy might be the cream/navy one... decisions, decisions...

  5. oh i love these!! i want the salmon and orange one. i almost love them all equally though.

  6. These are great. I especially like the combination of the dark colors, or the dark and cream colors, and the chevron inspired ones. Excellent.

  7. I love the orange clutch! The colors are soo bright and cheerie!

  8. I LOVE them! Especially the pixelated one.


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