Gold Pleather Obsession

Um, yes, it's true.  I'm obsessed with gold, snake-textured pleather.  Now, hear me out.

I have begun some work on crafted gifts.  I sort of dropped the ball on that last year, but I'm going full-steam ahead this year.  I have plans for some Christmasy pillow covers and flashy clutch purses.  I finished the first of the purses--which feature said gold, snake-textured pleather, and I'm pretty darn pleased.  I went with a zippered, fold-over clutch.  Only a few more of these babies to go.

First Crafted Christmas Gift Complete

Ok, now let's pretend for a second that I'm a serious purse designer and that I actually sell said purses that have been seriously designed.  Yeah, so, um, the "holiday collection" is out and in the Etsy shop,  And by "holiday collection," I mean some sundry purses with glittery golds and silvers and fancy silks (all photographed to mediocrity).  Anyway, I've extended the 20% off sale through the holidays (just enter code XMAS20OFF).

Oh, and check out this manicure from Mini+Meg.  She totally needs my clutch purse, no?

And finally, because I cannot get enough of this stuff, I made my friend Jillian this iPad case for kindly ensuring that Pete didn't starve over the Thanksgiving break.

iPad Case

Convinced?  Or not so much?  Either way, just lie to me.


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  1. Lord-a-mercy, I love love LOVE the gold. And I'm not lying when I say so.


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