Holiday Crafting

Although I've been terrible at blogging about it, I've been busy, busy with holiday crafts.

First off, we're planning a holiday party for this weekend.  And since we like our parties to revolve around cocktails, we're hosting "A Very Boozy Christmas" featuring both classic and novel winter cocktails.  To this end, I put together an invite.  I had a classier version (sans the candy cane striping), but Michael insisted that the occasion called for gaudiness.


And so that our guests don't leave empty-handed, I thought it would be fun to send folks off with a booklet of recipes for the featured cocktails.  Using my invitation as the jumping off point, I put together a set of 3x5 cards that I cut from card stock and assembled with some gold brads that I had left over from our wedding programs.  I had also considered gifting beautifully wrapped jewelry boxes with a dose of Alka Seltzer (to go with the boozy theme), but the booklets won.

Party favors

 And because it's not a Pellegrin party without a home infusion, I'm also infusing some vodka with mint for this Candy Cane Cooler cocktail.

Holiday infusion: mint vodka!

In other holiday news, I'm all about some packaging this year.  I'm not even ready to admit how much I've spent on wrapping paper (man, The Container Store has pretty--but pricey--options) and trimmings--including these adorable trimmings that I ordered from Knot & Bow.  Metallic bakers twine and flashy doilies. So excited to use this stuff (secretly hoping that the gifts on which I'll use it will spontaneously appear).

Gift trims

Finally, the holiday card.  This is something that I feel compelled to do now that we're married (and Groupon/Living Social make it so affordable with deals on photo cards).  I'm not sure why exactly I feel that way.  I know our friends aren't particularly interested in seeing a ho-hum pic of us (other than musing about how I was able to convince Michael to pose for such a cheesy, white bread picture), but the parents and grandparents eat it up, right?  Anyway, I whipped up a little glittery banner, threw up some fabric for a backdrop, and my dad snapped away (this was while we were home in Tennessee for Thanksgiving).  I've got to say, I have no idea how to edit a photo.  I should take a class.  In the future, if I'm serious about this, I should just hire someone to take the picture and edit it.  Anyway, as soon as I buy stamps, those suckers will be out the door.

Holiday Card Banner
Xmas card
Prepping the Holiday Cards
Card by Simply to Impress

Is everyone else super busy with the holidays?  Any fun holiday cards in the works?



  1. Sounds like a fun party! A few friends and I had a similar party (I think we called it our fancy pants party). I love the idea of sharing cocktail recipes! And I love your photo card idea!

    Now that I'm engaged, I do think next year I'll come up with some holiday cards. But I'm enjoying skipping it this year!

  2. i love your christmas card! we didn't do any this year out of pure laziness.

    the wrapping paper/supplies are so pretty. i'm guilty of the tacky bright red paper with santa claus faces all over. it's the never ending,probably 5 years old, roll of paper. but i'm too cheap to toss it.

  3. I LOVE the backdrop for your card, and the sparkle year is so cute! At least your husband agreed to have his face in the photo :)

  4. you guys live such a tv-like life. love it.


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