Instagram Dump: Volume 1

The winter weather is already running its course on my sad, fried hair.  These adorable hair clips from Ban.do + a top knot are about the only things between me and and cutting it all off.

We went to see Gary Clark Jr at the Red Palace in DC.  I was stage side.  It was awesome.  Check him out.

Christmas cookie decorating with friends, of course.

We ordered a new sofa for ourselves for Christmas.  So excited to say goodbye to our Ikea hunk of foam, but since it won't actually arrive until March, I'm keeping my excitement tempered for the time-being.  But be prepared for the many celebratory photos that I will surely post in March.

On Friday, we woke up super early and drove back to Tennessee for the holidays.  Oh, so so early. 

I did a little in-bed crafting at my parents' house and ended up with a super cute headband that makes me look even younger than people already conjecture me to be.

The combination of a pre-Christmas sale and a coupon forced me to purchase these 12 adorable appetizer plates from World Market, which will certainly be featured as part of 2012's Second Annual A Very Boozy Christmas.

Tater Mitts were the hit of the Spears family Dirty Santa game.  As my brother declared, "Every girl needs Tater Mitts.  Makes her feel sexy."  Touche. 

The Pellegrin family Christmas tree

Christmas morning.  Is it just me, or do we truly look like children?  Either way, it was a very good, very generous Christmas. 

Michael with my favorite baby, Brooks, the son of my BFF Sarah.  Love that little guy.

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