A Very Boozy Christmas

Last night, we successfully celebrated the holidays with booze!  Last week, I mentioned our party plans and shared our invitation.


Well, yesterday, we drug out the bar table, cleared the coffee table away, and welcomed a few of our friends into our home.
Xmas Party
Xmas Party

Our cocktail list included some classics--like Brandy Alexanders and Egg Nog--and some more novel concoctions--like the Candy Cane Cooler and a Poinsettia Cocktail. 
Xmas Party

As for food, we chose some delicious appetizers. 
Sweet and spicy nuts
Roasted grapes
Smoked Salmon Dip & Crudites
Salmon dip + crudités
Peppermint Fudge Pie (which, I've got to say, was way, way too sweet) 
Peppermint Fudge Pie

I broke out the sequins and red lipstick.
Party time lips

Others broke out their matching turtlenecks and warmed themselves by the fire.
Xmas Party

All in all, we fit more people in our place than ever before and had a jolly ole time!
Xmas Party



  1. Thank you for saying drug instead of dragged. I miss the South.

  2. What computer programs, etc. do you use to create all of your cute ideas? Do you have a cricut machine? I want to take after you and start getting more creative with things!


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