Fabric Paper Glue v2012.2

Look at me.  Makin' this series into a series.  This week, we explore the color green.

FPG 12.2

Fabric: Look at that green sofa.  And with the bold wallpaper.  Kind of granny chic, no?
(Pinterest via Apartment Therapy via Domino)
Paper:  Now, I know I'm going to lose some (if not most) of you with this one, but there's just something I absolutely love about this room, including the big, bold, green wallpaper.  The only thing is, I feel like you could only wear maxi dresses in this room.  I don't know why exactly.  It's just the vibe I get.
Booze (please grant me some liberties with the word glue):  My love for a home bar and exposed barware is no secret.  This particular green bar cabinet and fresh, white open shelving makes me want to mix up a fresh cucumber cocktail and pretend it's summer. 


  1. I love that second room. That's what I want when I'm a Golden Girl.

    (You're right that you could only wear maxi dresses in that room. It's because you'd be in Miami.)

  2. I'm loving paper, great to have found your site via pinterest, will have to try your filing cabinet idea, have a 3 drawer that needs sprucing up. Amanda

    Amanda - Realityarts-Creativity
    Art Blog

  3. Linen. Or a khaki romper or something similarly safari. That's what I see in the second room. And I love that green couch.


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