Twelve Goals for 2012

Setting goals is good, no?  Okay, then, we're all in agreement, so I present to you my blog/home-related goal-setting mechanism for the 350/365th of a year that lies before us. 

Twelve in 2012

1. Start a blog series.
2. [Figure out how to] Take better photos.
3. Revamp my bathroom.
4.  Save for a new kitchen countertop.
5. Try more new, different, and original projects.
6.  Post at least one tutorial a month.
7.  Keep the clutter to a minimum.
8.  Leave my xacto knife laying around on the floor less [and therefore stay married longer].
9.  [Make up my mind already and] Choose a new coffee table.
10. Follow through on all the tiny little projects I've had on my list for months, maybe years [like changing the screws on my undercabinet lights] [but for the sake of my readers, do not blog about this].
11.  Throw more parties [woot woot]. 
12.  Comment more on others' blogs.

What about you?  Do you have any goals for the year? 


  1. Not that it really matters, but it's a leap year this year. :) So 351/366. :)

    Your list for the year sounds awesome! Photography is super fun, and there are tons of great tutorials out there on taking photos. What type of photos are you looking to improve?

  2. I like the comment one, ha!

    I want to take better pictures, actually make/do/use one thing I pin a month, and get back to blogging more than "here is a pic of what we did"...


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