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Featuring florals, largely because this time of year has me yearning for some spring weather and blooming flowers.

Fabric:  Man, I love the fabric on these dining chairs.  There is just so much about this room that shouldn't work that just utterly does.  I'm sort of obsessed with the softness and femininity of the upholstered chairs with the very raw dining table and industrial steel pendants.  And in a white room, those chairs really shine.
(Pinterest via House of Turquoise via Rue: Issue 2)

Paper:  These simple, bright botanical prints are so fresh and effortless.  The beauty of this art display is that anyone can do it and basically for free.  There are a lot of great free botanical illustration sources around the internet -- including The Botanical Magazine that I used for my bedside artwork.  Early this week, I discovered the treasure trove that is the New York Public Library Digital Gallery, which provides access to over 700,000 digital images from their collection.  So much amazing stuff there!  Anyway, just print your favorite images off on some card stock and slap those babies on your wall.  Done and done.
(Pinterest via Desire to Inspire via PhotographerJames Braund)

Glue:  This little sewing corner is adorable, no?  And the real star here are those cute little decoupaged cabinets.  A simple cabinet + fun floral paper + glue.  So cute. 
(Pinterest via Apartment Therapy via Thompson Family Life)

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  1. I actually learned of rue through THAT first photo... found it online and it let me to the mag... it was fate!

    Love the round up!


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