Fabric Paper Glue v.2012.6


Fabric Paper Glue v.2012.6: YELLOW!
We've had an incredibly mild winter (including a high of 55 today), so I really don't have much to complain about.  But I'm always ready for spring around this time every year, and nothing says spring to me like yellow!

Fabric: All the bright jeans everywhere kind of make me want to squeal, and this yellow pair does not disappoint.
($59.50, Ann Taylor Loft)

Paper:  Lord knows I love some streamers.  This little streamer runner is simple, bright, and fun.

Shoe:  Seriously, sigh.  I love these little flats. 
($98, Madewell) 
How 'bout you?  Ready for spring?
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  1. LOVE yellow jeans! I saw someone the other day with yellow pastel and I definitely want a pair for spring!


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