Try This: Faceted Bauble Shoe Clips

See this girl?  I want to be this girl so bad. She wears bright lipstick, colored tights, and fun pumps.  She dons baubles.  She probably drinks various -inis that are rimmed with sparkling sanding sugars and garnishes you've never even heard of, like candied poppy petals.  Don't worry, though, her bright lipstick somehow remains perfectly in place.  Oh, and she almost certainly hangs out with Zooey Deschanel.

Kate Spade Girl
Kate Spade

Anyway, this project is an homage to this girl, because I feel like she might actually give this project a chance (putting aside the fact that this girl could afford a head-to-toe Kate Spade ensemble so is probably too busy making money in an industry that would embrace this outfit (PR maybe?) to waste time on Sculpey crafts).

Faceted Bauble Shoe Clips

Faceted Bauble Shoe Clips
Faceted Bauble Shoe Clips

Faceted Bauble Shoe Clips 1
Materials: 2 fun, contrasting colors of Oven-Bake Clay, Wire, 2 Shoe Clips

This clay is available at the craft store in tons of colors for about $3 a block.  This project only uses about half of each block.  Shoe clips are generally available in the jewelry-making section of the craft store, or you can order them from an Etsy seller.

Faceted Bauble Shoe Clips 2
Directions:  Take a bit of the clay, roll it into a ball. Flatten each side on a smooth surface until cube-like, then add in some extra "facets" by flattening out a corner here or there by pressing down on a smooth surface.  Finally, run a length of wire through to make a hole so that you can string them up and attach them to your shoe clips later.

Faceted Bauble Shoe Clips 3
I made 5 baubles for each shoe.  My biggest ones were about 3/4" in diameter and my smallest about 1/2".

Faceted Bauble Shoe Clips 4
Once you've baked them in your oven according to the directions on the packaging, let them cool, and cut a length of wire about 10" long for each clip.

Faceted Bauble Shoe Clips 5
String the baubles onto the wire.

Faceted Bauble Shoe Clips 6
Now bend the wire back around on itself to gather the baubles up into one super bauble (yes, that's a thing).  Give the wire a twist or two.

Faceted Bauble Shoe Clips 7
Attach to the shoe chip.

Put 'em on some adorable pumps or flats and commence being fabulous.
Faceted Bauble Shoe Clips 8
Faceted Bauble Shoe Clips 9
Faceted Bauble Shoe Clips 10
Faceted Bauble Shoe Clips 11
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  1. I want to do this! I bought some of that clay a few months ago, but didn't end up using it for the project I had envisioned.


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