Try This: Paper-Lined Brass Tray

Paper Lined Brass Tray

I'm pretty pleased with this little project.  It's cheap, fast, and ultra-feminine.
Paper Lined Brass Tray

Paper Lined Brass Tray 1
Materials:  Brass Tray, Decorative Wrapping Paper, Matte Sealer Glue, Sponge Brush

I picked this little brass tray up from my local Goodwill for less than $4.  As for the paper, have you seen World Market's wrapping papers?  They're $2.99 a roll and incredible.  I mean, for reals, I'm a little obsessed with them.  Pick some up.  Do it.
Paper Lined Brass Tray 2
Directions: Cut out an oval of wrapping paper to fit the bottom of your tray.
Paper Lined Brass Tray 3Paper Lined Brass Tray 4
Cover the bottom of the tray in a thin layer of glue.
Paper Lined Brass Tray 8Paper Lined Brass Tray 5
Place the paper on top of the glue, smoothing it out.  Cover in a layer or two of glue, and let dry.

Paper Lined Brass Tray 6Paper Lined Brass Tray 7
Done!  And so pretty!  You can use it as a chic little vanity tray.  Or a fabulous serving tray.

Paper Lined Brass Tray 9Paper Lined Brass Tray 10

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  1. that is a really great pattern choice! It is really chic!

  2. I LOVE this! I picked up a silver tray this past weekend to try it : )


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