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I can't tell you how many times we go to make a cocktail and have to either look up a bookmark or flip through one of Michael's favorite cocktail books Imbibe!.  If you've ever flipped through this book then you know that every recipe is embedded within a lengthy story/explanation.  While it is rife with fodder for Michael's love of esoteria, it's not really an ideal reference book.  The point is that we had a real need for a frequently-used recipe reference of some sort.  A project was in order!

First, let me give credit where credit is due for my inspiration.  When I saw this "cocktail swatchbook" on Oh Joy!, I knew right away that I wanted to create something similar for our go-to drinks.  As for the design, I've been so in love with the fonts and feel of the recent redesign of House of Earnest by Amanda Genther and Erin's recent DIY save the dates.  The stark blacks and whites and beautiful fonts.  They remind me of the whole brasserie feel -- including one of our favorite restaurants around here: Lyon Hall.  Okay, enough words.

Cocktail Book 1Cocktail Book 2Cocktail Book 3Cocktail Book 4Cocktail Book 5Cocktail Book 6Cocktail Book 7Cocktail Book 8

Some details: The fonts are Riot Squad and Matchbook.  As for assembly, I printed off some designs on green and white cardstock and the recipes on the opposite side of the cardstock.  After a little xacto knife-cutting and hole-punching, I assembled them with a book ring.  Easy enough, no?  You can do it, too!  Free printables below.


Cocktail Cards
(click to view and print a pdf of all our favorite cocktail recipes and blank recipe cards)
Cocktail Title Page

(click to view and save high resolution images)
Cocktail Book Pattern 1  Cocktail Book Pattern 2  Cocktail Book Pattern 3Cocktail Book Pattern 4  Cocktail Book Pattern 5  Cocktail Book Pattern 6

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  1. LOVE the fonts and graphic design! Although you took inspiration from other places, the book is very definitely your style!

    I am a total novice when it comes to cocktails, so I'll definitely be printing!


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