Are Salad Plates the Gateway Plate?

I have a confession.  I've started a collection.  Yeah, I know.  Not that big of a deal, but I've always sort of bristled at the idea of having a collection...like it's the gateway activity to full-on hoarding.

My collection?  Salad plates.  I blame it on Anthropologie. I mean, they offer so many fun, quirky plates.  I can't very well buy a whole set each time they come out with some new adorable plate, now can I?  But just one?  Now that's totally reasonable, right?

I officially launched the collecting, if you will, last December, and I'm already to ten plates.

Plates 1Plates 2

I can't keep at this pace for the rest of my life, that's for sure.  And I'm guilty of just buying plates that aren't even all that cute and have no commemorative value whatsoever.  Like that one in the top left corner of the bottom picture.  That's just from Target.  In fact, I question my purchase of at least three of these plates.  For those that may eventually have some nostalgic value, like that one in the bottom right corner of the bottom picture, I note on the back the place and year with a little porcelain paint.

Plates 3

For now, they're tidily stacked on my little kitchen shelves.  I have this grand idea that one day, when my collection is out of control, I'll throw some fun backyard party where we use these plates.  And they're all diverse and fun and quirky, and then I'll become instantly renowned for having that awesome plate party.  And then I realize that's the stupidest fantasy anyone's ever had, and this plate collection is sort of silly and may, in fact, be indicative of some latent mental health issues.

Plates 4

How do you feel about collections?  Are salad plate innocuous enough?  Or are they a gateway plate?  Do you have any collections?  

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  1. I love your collection. In fact, I kind of do the same thing. I like having fun mixed and unmatched plates at dinner parties. Everyone seems to enjoy all the different plates. And I totally love your bowls to the right of your stack of plates.

  2. I want that Christmas plate. Christmas without being cheesy. And yes, I think they're the gateway plate - ask my mother-in-law sometime about her 12 sets of dishes. But yes, she has all holidays covered.

    There are worse things to collect. Like mice. Or dust.

    1. Ha. I will keep this mind, Sarah. Although, at least your mother-in-law has the room...

  3. i LOVE this collection. I have a collection. Teapots. Lots and lots of teapots. I should blog about it sometime. But, here's the kicker....I don't drink tea. Not a drop. I just love teapots! It came to be so many with no space so I moved on to salt and pepper shakers. A smaller obsessive collection will have to do.

    1. Oh, man. I love teapots, and could totally see myself with a teapot collection. Thankfully, even I recognize those are far too large for a space as small as mine.

      S&P shakers, though...hmmm, now that's an idea! :)

  4. I love your collection, but I think you should definitely use them... how fun! I, too, have collections... yes that is plural. One is on purpose, the other two just sort of happened.

    We had an exchange student, who, before she left for home, bought us a sweet little penguin. He was so cute, but looked lonely, so I bought another one as a companion. Well, when friends saw that I liked penguins, they started buying them for me... flea markets, rummage sales, etc. I now have a ton of them (all very cute, by the way).

    My second collection is lighthouses. This collection was intentional. We live in a city on the shores of Lake Michigan, so I fell in love with lighthouses, starting with a replica of the one on our lake.

    My third collection is cardinals (the bird kind). Although, I like them, I only started collecting them when we moved to a street of the same name.

    Oh, btw, I have four sets of dishes. I use them all depending on what sort of dinner or party I am having. One set is strictly Christmas.

    Sarah mentioned there are worse things to collect...like dust. Well, when you have as many collections as I do, you also collect dust. :-)

    1. Haha. I'm still giggling at the thought of you collecting a bunch of old men in red robes. Hahahaha.

      See, that's what I'm afraid of -- people imposing a collection on me. I already had one close call with monkeys and my mother-in-law. Of course, my posting this on my blog for the world to see sort puts the nail in that coffin. Oh, well.

  5. I'm not into collecting, but here's what I'm really wondering: backyard party? I haven't been to your place, but I've never imagined it coming with a backyard! :)

  6. I read this post the other day, and I didn't realize that I, too, have a bit of a dish obsession until I was in a second-hand shop with my mom yesterday. We needed a few more dinner plates for everyday use (I bought six at 2 bucks apiece); however, I found myself ooing and ahhing over the decorative dishes she had all around the shop. They are all about 2 bucks each, and I might have to go back and purchase some just to display above the cabinets in the kitchen. Next time you're in Gallatin, you MUST visit this little shop called Second Wind Thrift. It's up 31E in a tiny building close to the Dollar General and Papa John's (close to Grapevine Books). You'll find more decorative plates than your heart can handle!


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