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We spent much of our July 4th holiday cooking completely unAmerican foods.  I guess because we're socialists...or so say many of our Tennessee friends. Anyway, we started things off on the eve of our Nation's independence with a little homemade paella and sangria.  Seriously, why have I never given paella a chance before?  It's spicy and delicious and full of carbs.  Right up my alley.  The next morning, we kicked it off with a little goat cheese quiche (above, thanks to Martha).  In our defense, we rounded out the evening with steak and potatoes, which is pretty all-American, right?  Or is it Brazilian and Irish?  Now I'm confused.  Anyway, we're an old boring married couple.  What did you get into?

Internet lovelies this week:

  • Erin from Olive our House finished their kitchen redo, and I hate her for it.  So freakin' gorgeous. 
  • Judge me if you will, but I want to figure out a way to make these children's shorts on Homemade by Jill in my size.  Thoughts? 
  • Loving this quilt featured on Under the Sycamore.  
  • This round-up from More Design Please makes my feminine little heart swoon.
  • A series of other blog posts led me to this DIY mobile made of coffee stirrers by Hope Helms, and I'm trying to figure out where in the world this genius creation would go in my home.

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  1. yay! thanks for the link. you know, being at work all day has been tough. i miss my kitchen.

  2. We (well our friends) grilled as many meats as possible- hamburgers, steaks, barbeque, and ribs. I ate more meat than I eat in a week. We also wore American flag t-shirts. Yeah I know, we were THAT family, but they were gifts. The quiche looks great. I love goat cheese. I loved your nyc pictures. I've never been but now I want to.

  3. Make those shorts. You can pull it off.


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