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If you follow me on Instagram (@fabricpaperglue), you know that Monday was my birthday because I posted about a gazillion photos of me drinking birthday drinks and eating birthday dinner and enjoying birthday dessert and being surprised by a birthday MacBook Pro.  Take note, gentlemen, because Michael totally killed it this year.  Actually, the MacBook may have been less about wooing me and more about saving our marriage.  

Basically since I finished grad school 5 years ago and my computer crapped out on me, we've been a one computer family.  It was a challenge we overcame fairly smoothly as Michael was finishing out law school -- mostly because those were my pre-blogging days.  Michael is a self-employed attorney, so our family laptop is also his work laptop, which means that it's with him basically always.  I should also note that said laptop is utterly craptastic, shutting down at random and without warning.  So, the use of the laptap is a constant point of contention.  Enter: shiny, beautiful, new MacBook Pro.

So, yeah, I'm way more into it than a person should be, but it's all mine.  And it makes me legit, right?  Of course, now my dilemma is -- laptop sleeve: make or buy?  Actually, after literal hours of searching for the perrrfect sleeve, I've decided to make.  Perhaps something in the spirit of my recent striped tote tutorial.

Are you a Mac or a PC person?  Any tips for a Mac newbie?

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  1. such a nice gift!! every time we get something new that's technology related i pretend like it's no big deal, since sean is the techy person around here. but secretly i'm like yay! shiny new things that have lots of capabilities i'll never figure out!

    hope you had a lovely birthday! it looks like you did.

  2. That is really awesome! My advice - USE TIME MACHINE! It is far and away the best thing about Macs, so you may have another relatively small investment in an external hard drive (time capsule, perhaps), but you will realize the absolute genius of time machine if you ever: lose your Macbook / have it stolen, it breaks, you upgrade years later, or even if you change a document and you want to restore an older version for comparison.

    I think an alien race came down and saw how Microsoft was doing system restore and thought "no, you idiots, like THIS" and gave Steve Jobs the technology for Time Machine.

    My Mac recently died, so if you think getting a new laptop saves your marriage, imagine being able to safely say that "Yes, I do have a backup of the past decade of pictures right down to the last day and I can (relatively) easily retrieve them". That hard drive is currently wrapped in bubble wrap packed in a box with packing peanuts - IT MUST NOT BREAK!

  3. I like your gift even more now that I know the story. Good job Michael!

  4. Yay for a MAC!!! Woo Hoo! My very fav part is the two finger scrolling. fabulous.

  5. i also love the little button at the top that looks like a few squares- it shows you all of the things you have open at once an then you can choose one from there, so if you multitask a bunch that helps.

  6. Agree with the above tips!
    *Set it up to where Control + clicking makes a "right click".
    *Keyboard shortcuts are the same as Windows, just sub in Command for control (Command + C = copy).
    *The Fn key makes use of secondary functions for your F keys. One of mine is Fn + F11, which clears the screen temporarily so I can get to my desktop (like that button in the taskbar on XP).
    *Mac has a far superior screen shot function. My shortcut is Command + Shift + 4...not sure if that is standard or not, but anyway, it brings up crosshairs which you use to select what you want to screen shot. When you get your square, realease the clicker, and blam--picture is automatically deposited on your desk top.

  7. Macs are the best. I agree with Sabrina's faves. The only problem is now when I try to use someone else's computer I get so frustrated because it doesn't do those things. It sounds like you had a great birthday. I'm looking forward to a post on the laptop sleeve.


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