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I feel like I say this every week, but this week was crazy.  We spent last weekend in Wisconsin for a friend's wedding, where we got all shmancied up (see above). We got back to DC pretty late Sunday night, and I still don't feel fully recovered from the lack of sleep and overall shenanigans of the weekend.  I've got to get my act together, though, because we're throwing a party tomorrow night, and I don't have one decoration made for it (I know, gasp).  Do you have anything fun planned this weekend?

The Internets' finest this week:

  • Look at these DIY polka dot shorts from Short of Something.  Almost disgustingly adorable, no?  I think that I must find the time to try this.
  • These bar cart essentials from The Glitter Guide are right up my alley.  That brass apple ice bucket is everything that my ice bucket dreams are made of.
  • Have you seen this Etsy shop of pretty little prints - Small Talk?  Something about them is just so wholesome and friendly.  Like I want to hang out with 'em.  But then that would be weird...because they're prints.
  • I love this little Seattle kitchen on the Kitchn. Although, in this case, little is relative because I would die to have a kitchen that roomy. White cabinets, subway tile, butcher block, open shelving.  PLUS...it looks like someone lives there and uses it!  Nearly everything my little heart desires. 
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