Try This: Gilded Catch-All Bowl Tutorial

Try This - Catch-All Bowl

Try This: Gilded Catch-All Bowl

This week, I bring you about the simplest project I may ever post, so don't ever accuse me of posting tutorials outside your skill level!  Seriously, though, you can judge me for posting this.  I've had a bit of crafter's block lately, and this was a little something I spruced up a few weeks back that you (yes, you!) can do too!

Catch-All Bowl 1
Materials: Wooden Bowl, Wood Sealer, Brass or Gold Liquid Gilding or Paint, Gloss Varnish, Paint Brush(es)

I picked up this wooden bowl from the wood aisle (perhaps my favorite aisle) at the craft store for like two bucks.  I'm sure you could find something similar. 

The gilding that I used is the Martha Stewart brass liquid gilding, which I absolutely love to use (see: my DIY brass sculpture).  Great coverage, easy to work with, affordable.  You could use gold paint, too.  It just might require a coat or two more than the liquid gilding.

Catch-All Bowl 2
Directions:  Seal the entire bowl with a coat of wood sealer.

Catch-All Bowl 3
Give the inside of the bowl a coat or two of brass (or gold) gilding (or paint).

Catch-All Bowl 4
Cover the whole thing in a coat or two of gloss varnish.

That's it.  Yeah, I know.  Ridiculous.  Does this even count as a DIY?  Yes, yes, it does.  Why?  Because DIY gilding makes everything embarrassingly glamorous.  Now throw your keys in it, and forget about it.

Catch-All Bowl 5
Catch-All Bowl 6
Catch-All Bowl 7

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  1. how do i not have any gold liquid gilding? actually, it's probably better that i don't.

  2. gold everything is amazing! I like it!

  3. Must get gold paint! I love how it fancies up that little bowl. Wooden anything + pop of color = awesomeness.

  4. Did you make the tabletop with the pennies? If you did, I want to know how! We have a miscellaneous table I'd like to make a project.


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