Try This: Leather + Cut Metal Necklace

Try This - Cut Metal Necklace
Try This: Leather + Cut Metal Necklace

Not only is this little guy super easy to make, he might just be one of my favorite projects that I've created lately.

Cut Metal Necklace 01
Materials: 2 - 24" Leather Laces, 7 Metal Shapes, 6 large Jump Rings, Pliers

Without any particular project in mind, I ordered these cut metal triangles from Etsy seller Geometric Land.  You could order your own, or skim the jewelry supply aisle at the craft store for something similar.  I bet you could also find something really interesting to use at the hardware store. 

Cut Metal Necklace 02
Begin by folding one of your leather laces in half and creating a girth hitch knot (yes, I Googled that) through one of the shapes.  You do this by passing the folded end of the lace through the shape and then threading the other ends of the lace through the loop and tightening.

Cut Metal Necklace 03
Repeat the girth hitch knot with the other lace and one of the other metal shapes.

Cut Metal Necklace 04
Join the remaining metal shapes with the jump rings, separating and rejoining the rings with a set of pliers -- one in each hand.

Cut Metal Necklace 05
Join the string of shapes with each of the other pieces using jump rings, as shown.

Cut Metal Necklace 06
Close the necklace by overlapping the leather laces and tying each pair of laces to the other pair with an overhand knot (yes, I Googled that too).  This was the technique I used to make hemp necklaces and leather necklaces in like middle school.  What?  Am I the only one?

Cut Metal Necklace 07
Anyway, the leather laces slide pretty easily over each other, so this technique also makes the necklace adjustable in length.

And that's it.  Seriously, like a 10 minute project...at the most!

If you do give this tutorial a try, please be sure and share a picture through the "Share Your Projects" link at the top of the blog page. I'd love to feature some!

Cut Metal Necklace 08
Cut Metal Necklace 09
Cut Metal Necklace 10
Cut Metal Necklace 11

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  1. Very lovely tutorial!! thanks for sharing and inspiring ^_^

    Etsy Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/MuddyHeartPottery
    Blog: http://domestiquette.blogspot.com/

  2. Cute! I've never noticed metal shapes like those before

  3. WOW! this necklace is so stylish, well done :D

    You have a new fan, love your blog.

    xoxo Julieta

  4. Great looking and fun as well. Thank you so much for sharing. { <3 }

  5. How lovely! I can't wait to try it (just need to find some pretty mint lace)! I shared it today : http://ohthelovelythings.blogspot.fr/2012/07/happy-friday-mini-diy-round-up_20.html

  6. This is a great DIY - I love it!

    Lotts x

  7. Ohh I adore this!! Fabulous!! Thanks bunches for sharing!
    xo Jenny

  8. Very fun. Where did you get the triangles?

    1. Love your necklace – sweet and simple! I tried a similar project with my toddler (jumper rings were bigger circles) and he absolutely loved using the pliers. He was pretty good at it too! I’m going to try your idea with the quirky metal shapes I scored at the craft store. Enjoying your blog so keep the ideas coming!


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