A New Collaboration: Luri & Wilma

I'm sending you all over the interwebs this week, as it seems that I'm increasingly getting into all sorts of new things...which is exciting, no?  My latest endeavor will be as the new DIY contributor for a local DC-based lifestyle e-magazine called luri & wilma.  You know it's true because my face is uncomfortably plastered all over their webpage.

New Picture (1)

Whew.  I'm glad that I recruited my friend and talented Nashville photographer Betsy Limbaugh to take hundreds of pictures of my awkward mug earlier this year in hopes of one - just one - picture that wasn't silly as hell.

Anyway, check out the intro for now.  Beginning next week, I'll start sending you over to the luri & wilma site for some weekly DIYs all leading up to what are sure to be ridiculously awesome projects for the bimonthly(ish) magazine. Yay!
Mandy P
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  1. you are so popular! and that photo of you is great! you know, i think i'm pretty normal looking but when i get a camera in front of my face i just turn into something horrendous. i am like the least photogenic person around.

    or maybe i have an inflated view of myself and i actually *do* look like the horrible photos i take. that would be sad.

  2. I'm so excited about this! What an amazing opportunity! Congratulations!!

  3. What great news! And the Nashville part caught my eye because I just moved back (it's my hometown). Are you in Nashville? Hoping to meet local bloggers!

  4. You are totally becoming the "it" girl.


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