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Look at him.  His eyes say, "What? You're in my space."  Every time I try to photograph something and walk away even for a second, this fat little kitty deems my little lightbox as his space.  How's a girl to get work done under these conditions?!

Some of my favorites this week:
  • In addition to fueling the fire that is my desire for a workspace, this house tour on Apartment Therapy has me planning my next DIY.  I give you three guesses of what has inspired me.  Hint: It's in the very first photo.
  • I'm contemplating a wall decor switch out in my home right now, and I'm loving oversized photographs and sketches like the one in this photography feature on Bright Bazaar.
  • This DIY pouf pin on Made By Girl brightens my day.
  • Check out this oven-bake clay chain link necklace from Henry Happened.  Seriously, how simple but clever.  
  • If you know me in real life (because this is fake life, right?), you've probably heard me talk about plucking or waxing or shaving or bleaching or threading or trimming or lasering.  I'm Portuguese, so you know, my hair is dark...and abundant.  Anyway, I've been noticing the big eyebrow trend for while, and I am all. a. bout. it.  Finally, a fashion-forward excuse to just let things go.  Anyway, this week a pair & a spare shared how to grow 'em out properly.

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  1. do you call pete "peter" when he's in trouble?

    sometimes i want to wear a sign that says "i do not over-pluck my eyebrows, they are just unfortunately thin". but then i realize no one cares but me.

    i shall start a massaging regimen immediately ha.

  2. I could totally see myself in that workspace! your cat is hilarious, and I'm really glad you liked the necklace! do show if you make one!

  3. the "frame"/hanger thing? thats my guess. 2nd guess would be something to do with the totes under the desk- you seem to be on a striped tote kick ;-)


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