Fabric, Paper, Glue, and Other Essential Supplies - Part 5

I'm back with Part 5 of this page-turning essential supplies mini-series.  I know what you're thinking: Mandy, you're insane!  This list of essential supplies is far too long!  And you're probably right.  But the good news is that I'm almost done with the series.  ...Aaaand you obviously don't need all of these supplies if you only want to stick to one kind of craft or another.  For example, you may have no interest whatsoever in jewelry-making.  If you don't, ignore this post, but if you do, you'll want to pick these supplies up.  These comprise the absolute bare minimum items to have on hand for makin' a necklace or two only every now and then -- which basically describes the extent of my jewelry-making.  Check out the whole series here.  So let's get on with it, shall we?

Jewelry Making Supplies

Click on for the full list.

Pliers & Wirecutters: I mentioned the pliers in my tools post.  If you plan to dabble in jewelry-making at all, they're a must.  You'll see me using them all the time around here (example, example, example, example). They make separating chain links and bending wires of all kinds super duper easy.  The good news is that you don't need special jewelry making ones to do these types of rudimentary tasks.  You can use the same pliers and wirecutters that come with a lot of standard starter tool kits.

The rest of these items are just simple, basic supplies that I like to keep on hand just in case I feel inspired.  They're all easily found in the beading/jewelry-making aisle at the craft store.  These include:

Chain in both gold and silver.

Clasps in various sizes and metal tones.

Beading Line, Leather Lace, and Elastic for stringing whatever kind of beads I have on hand or have decided to create.

Headpins: These are good for hanging medallions and beads for earrings and necklaces -- sort of like the colorblocked wooden block necklace that I made a few months back.

Earring Posts and Wires for both dangly earrings (which I admittedly don't wear) or studs for a simple project like these colorblock earrings.

Jump Rings:  Oh, man.  You see me using these all the time.  They're obviously great for connecting items together, but if you're really desperate, you can even create a chain from them.

Do you have any jewelry-making supplies that you use that aren't shown here?

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