Try This: Mini Heart Brooches Tutorial

Mini Heart Brooches Graphic
Try This: Mini Heart Brooches

This is really about the easiest and cheapest project that I've undertaken in a while, and it might just be my favorite.  We're approaching jacket season, you see, and I am all about jazzin' up a jacket or blazer with a bold, slightly quirky brooch.  These are absolutely perfect for such playful accessorizing.

Also, by my count, this is my 4th heart-centric project (1, 2, 3).  What can I say? I <3 <3s.  Deep down, I know that it's borderline juvenile, but there's just something about the simple geometric shape that makes me smile.  To be honest, I blame it on the ban.do sequin hearts, of which I own all 3 colors (and would be happy to rock out paired with one of these miniature little cousins).

Anyway, read on for the full tutorial, won't you?

Materials: (3) Pre-Cut Miniature (~1" wide) Wooden Hearts, (3) Pin Backs, Craft Paint, Paint Brush(es), Adhesive

It's very likely that you can pick up about a 10-pack of these precut hearts from your local craft store for about $3.  The pin backs can be picked up from the jewelry supply aisle.  For the adhesive, I suggest something strong like an epoxy or a Gorilla glue.  

One: Paint each of the miniature-sized hearts in whatever color that your human-sized heart desires.

Two: Using a little dab of adhesive, affix each pin back to the back of a miniature heart.

Okay.  I am not kidding you. You're done!  That was what?  Like 5 minutes?  And what?  Maybe $2 of supplies?


I wish I had more pictures of all the adorable ways that you can wear these.  The least awkward photo that I got in one was this gem from happy hour that my husband snapped for me.  Here, I'm rockin' a single one with a plain tee.  Love it.  Other options:  You could wear them all together on a jacket -- lined up or scatter about, your choice.  Or put a pair on the lapel of a blazer.   Heck, go crazy, and add one to your purse.

How will you wear yours?

If you do give this tutorial a try, please be sure and share a picture through the "Share Your Projects" link at the top of the blog page. I'd love to feature some!


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  1. I love that picture with the hearts, paint, and brushes together. I also love the color combo. Thanks for sharing!
    Rachel (Lines Across)

  2. love it!


  3. Cute. These would be cute to clip on the tops of some plain flat shoes.


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