TGIF + Adorable Grandmas

First things first is our giveaway winner.  A big 'woot woot' goes to Heather Olson for leaving a comment in the lucky #4 position.  

In other news, Michael's parents and grandmother are in town.  Michael's grandmother is about the sweetest lady in the world.  She's 83 years old and has never visited DC.  Last night, we visited the White House, where our friend kindly took us on a tour of the West Wing.  Upon first sight of the White House from outside the gates, Michael's grandmother very demurely, but full of awe, whispered, "It's unbelievable."  It was about the sweetest little moment ever.  Warmed my heart right up.

So, we'll be spending the weekend acting as tour guides.  How about you all?  Any big weekend plans?  Any adorable grandparent stories out there?

Unfortunately, I didn't have my stuff together enough this week to rally my favorite links, so you'll have to settle for a recap of Fabric Paper Glue happenings:
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  1. Mandy, I'm honored to be the winner! Thanks again for the awesome opportunity. :) I sent you an email.


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