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Planning a good workspace is a serious matter, people.  Sure, I have no place for said workspace, but that's not going to keep me from chugging along with elaborate dream workspace planning.  Last week, I shared some of the basic elements that I'd envision, and this week, we're gettin' sexy with...storage.

Fabric Paper Glue Dream Workspace 2
Read on for the details.

Yeah, so storage isn't sexy, but it's definitely important in a workspace.  Now, I have fabric and craft supplies tucked away and hidden in every possible nook and cranny in our home.  I tried to organize my fabric nearly two years ago now, but it's an untenable situation.  When I am fortunate enough to have a little crafting oasis of my very own, I want it to stay clean, stay calming, and stay inspiring, and for me, the way to accomplish that is to have it all out of site.

So far, I've stuck with a pretty strict black-white-gold color scheme, but I'm throwing in a bit of pink with some minimalist metal shelving units.  And because I'm a little OCD, I can imagine exactly how I'd have this stuff laid out.  I'd have those big, beautifully-striped storage baskets lined up along the bottom one or two shelves.  They'd be perfect for holding my fabrics.  From there, I'd have shelves filled with sleek white storage boxes full of craft supplies.

Bookshelf / Room & Board
Striped Storage Bin / The Container Store
Desktop File / The Container Store
Magazine File / The Container Store
Storage Boxes/ The Container Store

What's your storage preference?  Would you prefer it out of site, or do you feel inspired by seeing your supplies?

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