Try This: Cheeky Shoe Bags

Cheeky Shoe Bags Tutorial
Try This: Cheeky Shoe Bags

It all started with the most beautiful pair of gold glittered heels.  Sigh.   But a pair of heels such as these in a suitcase means glitter all over everything I own.  Since I'm takin' these puppies on the road to Salt Lake in a few short weeks, I thought it was about time I whipped up some shoe bags to prevent just such occurrences.   And why not make 'em a little cheeky?

Read on for the full tutorial.

Cheeky Shoe Bags Tutorial 1
MATERIALS:  Lightweight Canvas, Twine, Fabric Paints, Pouncer Brush, Circle Stencil, Letter Stamps, Ink Pad

For each shoe bag, you'll need two cuts of lightweight canvas around 12" x 16", but you can customize the sizes based on your shoes and shoe size.  If you have pinking shears, this would be a great time to you use them since I leave the edges raw for this project.

I made my circle stencil using a 1.5" circle punch and some card stock.

Cheeky Shoe Bags Tutorial 2
ONE:  For each bag, sew together the two cuts of lightweight canvas by stitching around 3 sides, leaving one of the shorter ends open.  As you begin sewing, stitch about 1/2", leave another 1/2" unsewn, and then resume sewing.

Cheeky Shoe Bags Tutorial 3
Cheeky Shoe Bags Tutorial 4
TWO: Fold the top, unsewn edge over about an inch.  Take a piece of twine about 8" longer than the circumference of the bag and tuck it under the folded edge.  Thread the ends of the twine through the hole created by the unsewn 1/2" gap.  Pin in place.

Cheeky Shoe Bags Tutorial 5
THREE: Stitch the folded edge down all the way around about 5/8" from the top.  Tie the ends of the twine together and add little knots at the end to keep them from unraveling.  Turn the bag right-side-out.

Cheeky Shoe Bags Tutorial 6
FOUR: Use the circle stencil and pouncer brush to paint a circle in the bottom corner of each bag.    Be sure to place an extra piece of card stock or paper inside the bag to prevent the paint from bleeding onto the back of the bag.  Allow to dry.

Cheeky Shoe Bags Tutorial 7
FIVE: Finish it up by stamping a fun word on each bag.   Any word will do!  Now, you're ready to travel with even your most glittery shoes!

Cheeky Shoe Bags Tutorial 8
Cheeky Shoe Bags Tutorial 9
Cheeky Shoe Bags Tutorial 10
Cheeky Shoe Bags Tutorial 11
Cheeky Shoe Bags Tutorial 12
Cheeky Shoe Bags Tutorial 13
Cheeky Shoe Bags Tutorial 14

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  1. I adore this! I don't see many vacations in my future now that I have a little one roaming around, but I think this would make AWESOME party favor bags or wine bags. I'll definitely have to give this a try. It's been pinned for future reference.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad you like it, Dana! I could see a whole host of uses for a simple drawstring bag with a fun word on it. Nice thinking!

  2. How cute is this Mandy? I love those bags!

  3. Such a smart idea, Mandy! Can't wait to see those sparkly shoes at Alt.

    1. Thanks so much, Kristin. Can't wait to wear 'em at Alt!

  4. I LOVE this idea! So simple, but so stylish and easy to follow tutorial. Just came over from craftgawker. Now to look at more posts here . . .

    1. Thanks, Tanya! Glad you found me. I'm a big fan of your site!

  5. OMG, I just discovered your blog and have blog envy!!! Love, love, love all your stuff.

  6. Picked up supplies to make these in a turquoise color for a friend's wedding with MRS as the words. Such a fun idea and easy gift! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  7. OMG!!, this brilliant idea, so they take up less space in the boxes, and I want to try! Thanks for the tips! excellent Blog!

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