Try This: Simple Heart Necklace

1 Supply 3 Projects - Wooden Hearts

It's February, people, and if you think I was posting a lot of heart projects before, well, hold onto your hats because it's about to be an all-out heart love fest up in here. And what better way to celebrate hearts than by reviving my 1 Supply / 3 Projects series to show you three stupid easy projects to put a cheap little bag of wooden hearts to use?!

Wood Heart Necklace

Try This: Simple Heart Necklace

Let's start this trio of projects with a step-by-step for a really simple heart necklace. Read on for the full tutorial.

Wood Heart Necklace 1
MATERIALS: Wooden Heart, Electric Drill, 1/16" Drill Bit,  Red Craft Paint, Paint Brush, 2 Sets of Pliers, Large Jump Ring, Small Jump Ring, 30" of Thin Gold Chain

Wood Heart Necklace 2
ONE: Begin by drilling a small hole in the top corner of your wooden heart.  I used a 1/16" drill bit, but use a bit just big enough to get your large jump ring through.

Wood Heart Necklace 3
TWO: Give your heart a coat or two of paint on each side.

Wood Heart Necklace 4
THREE: Use your pair of pliers to open the large jump ring.  Put the heart on it, and close it.

Wood Heart Necklace 5
FOUR: Put your completed heart charm on the gold chain.  Close the chain with a small jump ring (or clasp, if you like).

Wood Heart Necklace 6

It's a simple little necklace that will put a smile on your face.  I recently wore mine with a plain white tee, a gold sequined blazer, jeans, and some tan lace-up booties.  It was the perfect little pop of color without adding additional (unneeded) bling.  Here, I've paired it with a plain tee, jeans, and some black booties.

With what will you wear yours?

Wood Heart Necklace 7
Wood Heart Necklace 8

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  1. So cute and simple. Thanks for sharing, Mandy. I'm a huge fan of putting random findings on a necklace chain.


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