Let's Embroider Some Sh*t // DIY Pin Board

I'm loving embroidered projects lately.  That's probably for a couple of reasons.  First. embroidery is a nice, portable craft -- something I appreciated while I was home in Tennessee.  And secondly, I'm feeling decidedly nostalgic these days.  My grandmother embroidered and taught me how to do it, so I think of her every time I do a French knot.  Anyway, all of this has culminated in a whole week of embroidery projects.

So...let's embroider some shit, shall we?
Let's Embroider Some Sh*t

Today, let's make an embroidered pin board.

DIY Embroidered Pin Board

Read on for the full step-by-step.

DIY Embroidered Pin Board
MATERIALS: Embroidery Thread, Embroidery Needle, 11-Count Cross-stitch Fabric, 12" x 12" Cork Tile, 8" x 10" Photo Frame, Stapler

DIY Embroidered Pin Board
DIY Embroidered Pin Board
DIY Embroidered Pin Board
ONE: Cut the cross-stitch fabric to 10" x 12".  Beginning 1.5" from the left edge and 1.5" from the top edge, embroider 4 evenly-spaced arrow boxes.  Each of my arrow boxes are 18 counts tall by 27 counts wide (see the close-up).

DIY Embroidered Pin Board
TWO: Cut the cork tile down to 8" x 10".

DIY Embroidered Pin Board
THREE: Wrap the cross-stitch fabric around the frame, and staple into place.

DIY Embroidered Pin Board
FOUR: Put your fabric-wrapped cork tile into the frame.  Use the little boxes to create categories for your business cards, magazine pics, post-its -- whatever you want to pin and organize!

I'm using mine to organize and display some of the pretty business cards I got at Alt Summit.  What will you do with yours?

DIY Embroidered Pin Board
DIY Embroidered Pin Board
DIY Embroidered Pin Board
DIY Embroidered Pin Board
DIY Embroidered Pin Board

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  1. Super cute project, and I love how you used it to display your Alt business cards!


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