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This has felt like one of the most productive weeks I've had in ages.  I knocked out at least five projects last weekend, shot my Home Depot patio challenge, photographed and posted a bunch of fun, new items in my Etsy shop, got the wheels turning on a couple of new collaborations, and received my brand new camera.  And that's just the stuff I did outside my 9 to 5, which reminds me... Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed all of the links below, but my absolute favorite link of the week?  This article from The Onion.  Hilarious while also hitting a little too close to home.  Anyone else with me on that?

Other favorite links this week:

Out There:
Henry Happened: a DIY tote bag round-up
Little Green Notebook: leopard velvet-covered Eames chair
Gertie & Baxter: ikat makeup bags
Design Sponge: living in Best in Show
// Between the Lines //: Fendi-inspired clutch
In Here:
A Fabric & A Font: an up-in-the-air combo

To see a round-up of all my favorite weekly links past and present, pop over to Pinterest 'cause I've got a board for that.

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