Luri & Wilma Spring Issue + One-Step Upcycle

First up, the Luri and Wilma Spring Issue is officially out.  What's even more exciting is that it's the first print issue.  You can view it online here, or if you're keen on holding it in your hands and smelling that locally-printed goodness, you can order your very own copy here.

The issue features four super easy one-step upcylces in celebration of Earth Month.  And, between you and me, these may be some of my favorite Luri and Wilma projects to date.

Hop over to the blog today to find my step-by-step -- or step, I guess -- for making these stupid cute mini cloches.

Mandy P
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  1. Just visited your post at Luri & Wilma. Such a darling and doable project!


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