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This has been one of those weeks where I've been crazy busy -- getting up early, working straight through, staying up late. And it feels great. For one, it seemed like everyday for a couple of months there I would utter at least once, "I've never been this tired in my whole life." Incessantly having no energy can get a girl down...and behind. So feeling energetic enough to put in these long days makes me feel like things are on the up. What's more, I've been spending these early mornings and late nights redesigning the site and working on a few things that give me the feeling that maybe, just maybe I'm on the verge of something really great. It's a good feeling, and the great news is that the redesign is ahead of schedule (and mostly done, if you look around). But I expect the full effect to be complete by Monday. Yay!

In Here:
Fun Stuff: a day at DC's Union Market
Catharsis for the Conspicuous Consumer: a round-up of rompers
Under Construction: the blog is getting a facelift
Guest Post: arugula, tomato + goat cheese pizza
In Here Out There:
Lynn + Lou: DIY ribbon twist ties
Prudent Baby: hot air balloon baby shower
Whimseybox: seven great gold leaf projects

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