Humiliating Michael

Michael Pins 1

Although Michael doesn't turn 30 until this Sunday, we celebrated the occasion with our DC friends on Saturday. It was nothing too fancy. Just some whiskey and BBQ at a local bar, but I figured it deserved just a tiny bit of crafting -- li'l childhood photo pins! I couldn't resist. I mean, he was the freakin' cutest, and as an added bonus, he finds many of these photos embarrassing. Read on for a few more pics and how I made them.

They were a last minute project that dawned on me Friday night. I printed some old photos of Michael that I had on hand from our rehearsal dinner slideshow, Mod Podged them onto some black foam board, cut them out with an xacto knife, and glued on a pin back.

Michael Pins 2
Michael Pins 3
Michael Pins 4

A few action shots for you -- including one of Michael pinching his own little butt. So meta.

Michael Pins 5
Michael Pins 6
Michael Pins 7
Signature 1



  1. this is amazing! your craftiness kills, it KILLS! :P

  2. I can't decide if the pouty face in the top row or the dapper tuxedo-wearin', wine-spiin' fellow in the bottom row is my favorite.


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